Techsplaining is rampant

In our view, much of technology research has become too general, obsessed with categorization rather than pointing the way to value. We call this “techsplaining.” It happens because Identifying use cases make a difference is hard and really can’t happen without an intimate understanding of the problem. Too often analysts have never implemented anything and rarely talk to those who have. Further, most high-value use cases require capabilities of more than one product, so viewing such use cases through a single-product lens is limiting.

Products don’t get enough play

We believe that products are undercovered. It is far less important to explain what category a product belongs in than to explain what that product really does. Even within a category, products each have their own personality, dogmas, and unique set of capabilities and implementations. We believe that providing a good explanation of a product allows early adopters to judge the product’s fit for a particular purpose.

Technology is serious business—and serious fun

Making technology work is a serious business that creates incredible financial returns and helps solve the most urgent problems facing our world. And we feel there is a place for humor, storytelling, and creativity in our work. We want to have fun while healing the world’s technology wounds. As Arlo Guthrie said, “If you want to end war and stuff, you gotta sing loud.”


Research Missions

A research mission is about learning to do something difficult and important that will help make a business better. We start by defining the research objective and listing the questions that must be answered. By reading, researching, writing, and talking to as many experts as possible, we capture knowledge. At the end, we explain actionable solutions to the problem.

Product Profiles

Product profiles seek to capture the purpose of a product, its capabilities, and the high-value use cases it supports. We are not concerned with categorizing a product or comparing it with others. Rather, we want to quickly and efficiently explain “what the show is about” and how product features work together to create value.


Evolved Media is a B2B content marketing agency that serves high tech companies. Because we have deep technical knowledge and skills, we infuse our content with an understanding of how a product’s capabilities create value. We call this “content marketing from a product marketing perspective”. It allows us to avoid worn-out claims of generic value (“We make/save you money”) and instead articulate how each product creates value in its own differentiated way. We do this in a creative and fun way. Whether your niche is big data analytics and BI, APIs, apps, mobility, cloud, DevOps, or SaaS: we speak it. We are happy to say our content performs well in digital marketing programs and lasts for years.