Dan has spoken widely at conferences and organizations of all sizes. His presentation style is energetic, lively, and bit zany. He especially enjoys the opportunity to research the companies and topics he speaks about so that he can tailor his ideas to his audience.

Dan has been working in and studying technology since the early 1980s. He has worked as both a CTO and as a journalist. His diverse experience makes him uniquely equipped to articulate the best ways to implement technology, and the pitfalls to avoid.


Dan’s speaking engagements weave together Early Adopter research missions and product profiles, focusing on topics and issues relevant to the audience at hand. Research missions identify crucial problems, investigate how to solve them, and examine use cases to determine the required capabilities. Product profiles explain the menu of capabilities that products offer and the approach behind them. Dan’s speeches give people a deeper understanding and suggest tangible actions to help improve their technology and business landscape.

Notable Speaking Engagements

SXSW 2017: A/B Testing Megapanel: Uber, Etsy, and Intuit

Why A/B Testers Have The Best Jobs In Tech

Explaining GPUs to Your CEO: The Power of Productization

Watch the webinar on Kinetica.com

What is a Data Scientist?

What is a Data Supply Chain?

The “Tipping Point” Driving Companies to a Data Supply Chain

The Right Technology: Critical to High-Performing Data Supply Chains

Business Intelligence in the Data Center

CITOs: The Next Step In The Evolution Of The CIO

The Magic of Data Integration for the Enterprise (featuring Dan Woods of CITO Research)

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The Mobile Enterprise Application Survey: How IT Leaders Are Unlocking The Value Of Enterprise Mobility

Get the on-demand webinar from Apperian.com

Under the Iceberg: Using APIs to Transform Your Business

SAP International Research Forum

Moderator of SAP International Research Forum 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Gartner Open Source Summit

Open Source for the Enterprise, Wrap-Up Presentation at Gartner Open Source Summit 2005

O Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

Splunk .conf2012