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Technology Leverage

The Gist of This Mission In the mid-1880s, Paul Morphy changed the current thinking about chess which focused on finding good combinations of moves, and instead pointed out that it

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Saving Your Data Lake

The Gist of the Mission I first heard the term data lake in 2011 at a meetup where James Dixon, CTO and founder of Pentaho, which is now a part

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Full-Stack Experimentation

Background The world of A/B/n testing has become one of the signature accomplishments of the era of Internet business. The fact that companies no longer have to rely solely on

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Product Profiles

Commvault Hyperscale™ Appliance

Summary Commvault’s HyperScale™ Technology is an on-premise scale-out storage solution that offers integrated data protection and data management, available as a turnkey appliance or through certified reference architectures with leading

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Blogs & Articles

What Google Should Do with Looker

If you follow what’s going on in the world of technology that implements a modern data supply chain, then Google’s $2.6 billion acquisition of Looker, announced on June 6, was

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