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Five Things Third Party Support can do that Oracle Support doesn’t

Based on a series of interviews with executives who successfully transitioned their organizations to third-party support. Decoupling support contracts from Oracle dramatically reduces the organization’s IT infrastructure costs, improves the quality of support, enables greater efficiency, and offers more freedom, autonomy, and control. These are tangible benefits underpinned by the value you derive by working […]

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How to Combat Fear and Build Confidence in Third Party Support

Based on a series of interviews with executives who successfully transitioned their organizations to third-party support. Overcoming fear and uncertainty is a process of understanding what forms the core of the obstacles. Building confidence and assurance in third party support is a process that involves communication, research, transparency, and facts.  Knowledge and evidence can help […]

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Establish Clarity in Oracle Licensing to Chart a Path to Freedom

Based on a series of interviews with executives who successfully transitioned their organizations to third-party support. Don’t let Oracle tie knots around you with its support and maintenance contracts. Complexity is Oracle’s friend, and knowledge will keep it from getting the better of you. Here are a few lessons learned from companies that made a […]

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Preparing for the Transition to Third Party Support

The advantages of transitioning to third-party vendor support far outweigh the perceived risks of leaving Oracle. Benefits include more control and freedom to manage the IT infrastructure, a partner that provides improved service levels for at least 50% lower cost than they spend with the vendor today, and increased operational efficiency. And, it’s a proven […]

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Escaping Oracle Using the Power of Preparation

Meet our champion Meet Anna Stephens (a pseudonym), who is the Head of Applications Portfolios at a large U.S. based manufacturer. Anna successfully guided her company through the shark-infested waters of Oracle support. Why leave? Anna’s company is using Oracle eBusiness Suite, and it also has a large Oracle database footprint. In 2015, Anna’s company […]

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Utah Vs. Silicon Valley Startups: A Podcast with Boom Startup Accelerator’s Tara Spalding

On this edition of the Designing Enterprise Platforms podcast from Early Adopter Research (EAR), EAR’s Dan Woods speaks with Tara Spalding. Spalding is based in Utah and has extensive experience in enterprise software and startups. She was the VP of marketing at SugarCRM, and is now managing director of Boom Startup Accelerator. Their conversation focuses […]

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How to Make Enterprise Support a True Partnership

Cutting the cord     When a large US-based electronics and solutions provider decided to sever its support ties with Oracle support, they changed the way they managed their investments – for good. The company’s decision to pivot toward third-party vendor support was precipitated by the deteriorating value of Oracle as a partner. In their client’s eyes, […]

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Draining the FUD Swamp to Escape Oracle Support

Making a move to a third-party support vendor has considerable advantages. But to reap the benefits, organizations need to break the chains that bind them to Oracle support and maintenance contracts.  In the Escape Story series of the Escape Hatch from Oracle Research Mission of, you will learn how four executives regained control of […]

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The Psychology of Overcoming the Fear of Ending Oracle Support

Introduction When it comes to charting an escape from a business relationship with Oracle, many of the barriers are psychological. Legitimate fears must be addressed as part of the transition. This is understandable because Oracle applications and databases play a big role in many companies’ business operations. In addition, staff may have years of investment […]

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