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It is time to gain power in your Oracle relationship.

Welcome to the “Escape Hatch from Oracle” home page, which summarizes Early Adopter Research’s ongoing stream of content dedicated to educating the IT world about how best to manage, evolve, and if necessary, escape from a relationship with Oracle.

The content is in this research mission is organized in a set of episodes, each of which covers a key point in fulfilling the mission.

If you are new to the mission, read the Research Mission Declaration, which explains what this mission is trying to accomplish.

Then look over the descriptions of the episodes and the summary of the research that is completed or underway to solve a key problem.

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Research Mission Declaration

Episode 1: How Oracle Licensing Strategy Works

This episode is aimed at providing education so you can learn more about Oracle licensing and know when you may be in over your head in dealing with Oracle. We cover issues ranging from audits to ULAs to Oracle negotiations. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 2: Understanding and Controlling Your Oracle Footprint

This episode examines the process of gaining understanding and control over your use of Oracle so that you are as powerful as possible in license audits and negotiations. Most Oracle customers aren’t seeking a complete escape, but rather to avoid surprises and having to negotiate from weakness. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 3: Creating an Escape Hatch from Oracle Databases

This episode seeks to study how you can evolve your use of Oracle databases so that you can eventually choose not to use them or reduce your reliance on them. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 4: Creating an Escape Hatch from Oracle Applications

This episode is about gaining power when using Oracle Applications. While companies don’t have as many auditing vulnerabilities with applications as they do with the database, it is important to have good licensing and auditing practices in place. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 5: Planning for Controlled and Optimized Usage of Oracle Cloud

This episode is about how to understand and make use of Oracle’s cloud offerings. Licensing audits are much less of a problem in the cloud because it is generally impossible to use the cloud without an entitlement and a way to pay. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 6: Future Risks for Java and Other Oracle Products

This episode will keep an eye on what Oracle is doing with Java and also map out the choices that Oracle customers have. In addition, we will also keep track of other products that Oracle has that are not databases or applications. The stories in this episode include:

Episode 7: The Challenges of Oracle’s Continuous Innovation Model

This episode focuses on the pros and cons of Oracle’s continuous innovation model. The episodes include:

Episode 8: Escape Stories: Case Studies About How Companies have Escaped Oracle Support

List of All Stories in the Escape Hatch Research Mission

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