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My mission: Find technology for Early Adopters. Follow me: on Twitter @danwoodsearly on LinkedIn @ on Forbes Column @ I am a CTO, writer, and consultant. For tech vendors, I help explain their technology. For users, I help find, select, and deploy new solutions that have explosive business value. I love to speak and share ideas.

Technology Leverage

The Gist of This Mission In the mid-1880s, Paul Morphy changed the current thinking about chess which focused on finding good combinations of moves, and instead pointed out that it was good positions that lead to good combinations. Because of his brilliance and insight, he is considered the first modern chess player. Having observed the […]

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Saving Your Data Lake

The Gist of the Mission I first heard the term data lake in 2011 at a meetup where James Dixon, CTO and founder of Pentaho, which is now a part of Hitachi Vantara, explained the concept. At that point, Dixon used the term data lake to explain what was needed to allow management and analysis […]

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Full-Stack Experimentation

Background The world of A/B/n testing has become one of the signature accomplishments of the era of Internet business. The fact that companies no longer have to rely solely on their gut instincts, but can instead immediately test a theory or product, is immensely powerful and has reshaped the way much of marketing is conducted. […]

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Creating a Balanced Cybersecurity Portfolio

The Gist of the Mission The bad news is that 100 percent cybersecurity is unattainable. The best we can do in the realm of cybersecurity is to build a portfolio of mechanisms that deliver the maximum protection of what is most important to us for the least amount of money and effort. Portfolio theory in [...]

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Commvault Hyperscale™ Appliance

Summary Commvault’s HyperScale™ Technology is an on-premise scale-out storage solution that offers integrated data protection and data management, available as a turnkey appliance or through certified reference architectures with leading hardware providers. Commvault HyperScale leverages the breadth and depth of the Commvault data management platform which has been in the industry for over two decades […]

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