Cloud Migration Made Easier: A Podcast with Apps Associates

In this episode of the Early Adopter Research (EAR) Designing Enterprise Platforms podcast, EAR’s Dan Woods spoke with Paul Vian, SVP of sales, and marketing, and Bill Saltys, SVP of alliances from Apps Associates. Apps Associates is a leading firm that helps companies migrate their Oracle applications and databases to different platforms. The conversation centered on EAR’s escape hatch from Oracle research mission which focuses on educating people about the choices they have when they manage their Oracle relationship. Woods, Vian, and Saltys discussed how to navigate an Oracle migration journey in the lowest risk, highest productivity way. Their conversation covered:

* 4:30 – The findings of Apps Associates’ E-Book
* 11:30 – Customer demand for moving to the cloud
* 19:00 – The stages of migrating to the cloud
* 21:00 – What are the benefits of moving Oracle to the cloud?

Listen below or read an edited version of the podcast here: