Podcast on Data Fabric with MapR CEO John Schroeder

John Schroeder is the founder and CEO of MapR. He has extensive experience in enterprise software, having worked at Calista Technologies, Rainfinity, BRYO, and Compuware. Our conversation focused on MapR’s unique data fabric technology, which is an evolution of the data warehouse and data lake. The data fabric expands upon these earlier repositories to push value throughout the organization and make it easier than ever for companies to organize and manage their data.

In this podcast, we covered the evolution of the data fabric and how it arose from the data warehouse. And we discussed why so many companies are now embracing the data fabric because of the value they’re quickly able to achieve with it.

Show Notes:
1:10 – Why the data warehouse can no longer meet the needs of today’s businesses
6:00 – The new world of multi-cloud environments
11:50 – The evolution of the technologies at the top of the stack and what data fabrics can do for apps that rely on these technologies
19:10 – How other technologies integrate with the data fabric and why this benefits the business
27:30 – Understanding the data layer within the data fabric and how it applies to security
32:00 – The use cases driving adoption of the data fabric
35:30 – How you manage the data fabric and avoid the same problems as the data lake
39:00 – Why you can’t get value with today’s data from a data warehouse alone
43:40 – How companies can ensure they are ready to implement AI correctly