Instant Potheads: Cabbage Kootu Recipe

Cabbage Kootu

Many of our readers in the tech world are Instant Pot cooks. This recipe continues our efforts to show how to make excellent use of our favorite programmable pressure cooker. This recipe for Cabbage Kootu comes to me from Swarna Bala, my favorite Indian Auntie, who has taken me under her wing as an aspiring […]

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Escape Hatch From Oracle

It is time to gain power in your Oracle relationship. Welcome to the “Escape Hatch from Oracle” home page, which summarizes the ongoing stream of content dedicated to educating the IT world about how best to manage, evolve, and if necessary, escape from a relationship with Oracle. The content is in this research mission is […]

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Collaborative Defense: A Q&A with IronNet’s Jamil Jaffer

In this latest episode of the Early Adopter Research podcast at RSA 2019, Dan Woods spoke with Jamil Jaffer, VP of strategy and partnerships for IronNet. They covered Woods’ three big cybersecurity questions for 2019, as well as other pressing topics in the cybersecurity sphere. This is an edited version of their conversation that can […]

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