Podcast with Optic’s Aidan Cunniffe on the Automation of Programming

In this latest episode of the Early Adopter Research Podcast, Dan Woods speaks with Aidan Cunniffe, the founder and CEO of Optic. Optic is a company focused on automating many of the routine tasks of coding and programming. Optic uses machine learning and AI to understand a company’s existing code and then generate new code based on this. This allows companies to only code the most important aspects of an application.

Highlights of the conversation about Cunniffe’s experience and Optic’s code generator are below:

1:00 – Optic’s unique approach to helping people code less
4:20 – Cunniffe’s previous work with clients who had no coding experience
8:20 – How Optic treats every piece of code independently and why this matters to developers
10:15 – On making source code more specific
14:05 – Handling APIs in different environments

Listen here: