What Can Activate Do For Commvault? A Podcast with Patrick McGrath

In this edition of the Early Adopter Research Podcast, Dan Woods speaks with Commvault’s Patrick McGrath about their new Activate product. Commvault is a company focused on data management. Activate will help the platform extract insights from data to improve a company’s ability to have high-quality data governance. The conversation covers the following topics:

  • 1:30 – Commvault’s rationale for creating Activate
  • 6:30 – Why Activate allows Commvault’s platform to provide new benefits to users
  • 17:00 – How Commvault is providing a platform similar to the data lake
  • 21:40 – Commvault’s unique approach to finding insights in data
  • 22:30 – What is driving Commvault’s new partnerships with other vendors
  • 26:10 – What will indicate that Activate is successful

Listen to the full podcast here and read a Q&A of the conversation here: