Early Adopter Research Podcast: Sigma Computing’s Rob Woollen on Spreadsheets for All

In this edition of the Early Adopter Research Podcast, Early Adopter’s Dan Woods speaks with Rob Woollen, CEO of Sigma Computing. Sigma Computing’s products can be a component inside an enterprise platform, as the company was created to bring the spreadsheet paradigm to the world of business intelligence and data analytics. This is an idea that has been explored by companies like 1010data, DataMirror, and to some extent Looker. Woods and Woollen talk about how Sigma Computing came to be and how the company can play a role in the modern data landscape. Their conversation covers:

* 1:30 – Why the spreadsheet interface is the basis of Sigma Computing’s technology
* 3:00 – The origins of Sigma Computing
* 9:15 – Sigma’s answer to hiding the complexity of queries
* 15:45 – Sigma leaves data in its place
* 26:45 – How Sigma users fit into the data supply chain

Listen here or read a Q&A of the conversation: