Third-Generation BI: A Q&A with Nick Caldwell and Frank Bien

On a CTO Club list that I’m on, a question came up. “What are you using for BI?”  About ten or fifteen people said, “I’m using Looker with Redshift” or “I’m using Looker with Snowflake.”  Looker has become popular in the cloud data warehouse space. I’ve been following Looker for a long time now, and […]

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Early Adopter Podcast: Analytics and Data with Looker’s Frank Bien

On this episode of the Early Adopter Podcast, Dan Woods speaks with Looker’s CEO Frank Bien and Chief Product Officer Nick Caldwell about how the company’s LookML language allows users to build deep and wide data models using all existing data. Many of the new paradigms for accessing data are also now being connected to […]

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