Early Adopter Podcast: Analytics and Data with Looker’s Frank Bien

On this episode of the Early Adopter Podcast, Dan Woods speaks with Looker’s CEO Frank Bien and Chief Product Officer Nick Caldwell about how the company’s LookML language allows users to build deep and wide data models using all existing data. Many of the new paradigms for accessing data are also now being connected to Looker. Given this, the conversation covers where Looker has been, and where it is going. The discussion specifically delves into:

5:45 – How Looker is positioned to take advantage of the new focus on the data layer
8:00 – The three generations of BI
19:10 – How Looker’s clients are responding to the ability to unlock value from new troves of data
25:00 – Looker’s data model
30:15 – What Caldwell sees as exciting from a product perspective for the future
34:30 – The value of opening up data to more users for real-time analysis
40:10 – The future use cases where Looker can play a role

You can listen to the episode here and read a Q&A of the conversation here: