Early Adopter Research Podcast: IPSoft’s Chetan Dube on AI

In today’s episode of Early Adopter Research, Dan Woods speaks with Chetan Dube, CEO of IPSoft. The conversation covers AI adoption and productization and IPSoft’s unique approach to these topics.

  • 2:20 – What is the current landscape with productized and non-productized adoption of AI
  • 4:45 – Why AI needs to become sentient
  • 7:30 – The highest level of AI sentience
  • 12:00 – What companies should focus on so they can be effective users of productized AI
  • 19:00 – The different levels of AI productization
  • 27:15 – IPSoft’s product portfolio
  • 34:30 – Whether are companies moving towards more automation overall

You can listen to the full podcast here and read a Q&A of the conversation here: