A New Mode of IP: A Podcast with HCL’s Darren Oberst

In this edition of the Early Adopter Research podcast, Dan Woods speaks with HCL’s Darren Oberst about HCL’s unique way of approaching IP partnerships and technology company acquisitions. HCL is pursuing a strategy called Mode 3 that is taking the old model of global SIs and adding new elements related to both owning and developing products and IP in key technology areas. In December, Woods wrote about HCL’s acquisition of Actian and that piece touched briefly on the Mode 3 strategy. This conversation between Woods and Oberst delves far more deeply into the strategy, how it differentiates HCL, and how it is creating a new place for global systems integrators. It covers:

* 1:10 – Defining HCL’s business model
* 9:30 – How HCL’s business model fits together
* 15:45 – The desire for integrated platforms based on products
* 23:30 – HCL’s recent announcement with IBM
* 30:10 – The difference between real IP and BS IP
* 40:00 – HCL’s Mode 3 strategy
* 48:15 – The difference between HCL’s model and its competitors

Listen to the full podcast here and read a Q&A of the conversation here: