The Value of Productized Analytics: A Podcast with Dresner Advisory

Productized analytics have been a focus of Early Adopter Research since it was launched. In this edition of the Early Adopter Podcast, Dan Woods spoke with Howard Dresner and Chris von Simpson from Dresner Advisory Services. They recently completed a report about IT analytics and their discussion covered that report which sheds light on the role of productized analytics in IT.  You can read a Q&A of the podcast here.

The topics covered include:

  • 2:00 – The levels of productized analytics
  • 8:00 – The high rate of adoption for productized IT analytics
  • 12:40 – The high rate of success with productized IT analytics solutions
  • 17:40 – Why operations metrics are so important
  • 22:10 – Why metrics are important across the business
  • 27:00 – How analytics solutions provide value through greater resolution

Listen to the full conversation here: