What Matters in Platform Governance? A Podcast with ESSEC Business School’s Thomas Kude and Thomas Huber

In this edition of the Early Adopter Research Podcast, Dan Woods speaks with two ESSEC Business School professors, Thomas Kude and Thomas Huber, about platform governance. The conversation focused on the way that platform governance can influence and inform the design of product based platforms. Huber is an associate professor of information systems at ESSEC Business School in Paris who is conducting research on platforms and the management of platform ecosystems. Kude is also an associate professor at ESSEC Business School who studies platform governance, agile software development, and IT governance in the digital age. Their conversation covers the following topics:

* 4:40: Platforms in the modern world
* 12:50: Standard versus non-standard platforms
* 17:20: Platform complementers
* 27:30: Balancing platform growth with values

Listen to the podcast here and you can read an edited Q&A of the conversation here: