The Right Way to Think About Cybersecurity Risk: A Podcast with Illumio’s Andy Rubin and PJ Kirner

In the next installment of our series on conversations Early Adopter Research’s Dan Woods had about cybersecurity at RSA 2019, this podcast is an interview he had with Illumio’s Andy Rubin, the company’s co-founder and CEO, and PJ Kirner, the company’s co-founder and CTO. Woods asked about his three key cybersecurity questions for the year, as well as having his guests explain Illumio’s fit in the cybersecurity landscape. The interview included:

* 3:00 – The need for segmentation in cybersecurity
* 10:00 – What CISOs should do with zero trust
* 17:30 – Managing risk in cybersecurity
* 24:20 – Improving operational discipline in cybersecurity
* 35:00 – Managing cyber insurance

Listen below or read an edited Q&A of the conversation here: