Simplicity Leads to Security: A Podcast with McAfee’s Grant Bourzikas

At RSA 2019 in San Francisco, Dan Woods of the Early Adopter Research Podcast met with a number of cybersecurity leaders. In this interview, he sat down with Grant Bourzikas, the CISO of McAfee, one of the major vendors in the cybersecurity space. They covered Woods’ three major cybersecurity questions for the year, as well as exploring McAfee’s place in the cybersecurity landscape. The conversation included:

* 3:10 – McAfee’s product portfolio
* 6:30 – What does zero trust look like in practice
* 13:00 – Can companies prune their cybersecurity portfolios?
* 20:00 – The importance of using a product the way it was intended to be used

Listen below or read an edited Q&A of the conversation here: