Deception as a Cybersecurity Tool: A Podcast with Carolyn Crandall of Attivo Networks

In the latest episode of the Early Adopter Research (EAR) Podcast, EAR’s Dan Woods spoke with Carolyn Crandall, the chief deception officer of Attivo Networks, while both were at the RSA 2019 Conference. Their conversation covered Woods’ three big cybersecurity questions for the year, and Crandall also explained the position of Attivo Networks in the cybersecurity landscape. They covered:

* 1:00 – The value of deception technology
* 7:15 – Can companies really build their own zero trust technology stack?
* 12:00 – Pruning cybersecurity
* 18:00 – Avoiding throwing more technology at cybersecurity problems

Listen below or read an edited Q&A of the conversation here: