Palo Alto Network’s Naveen Zutshi on how to make the CIO a data-driven hero

Let’s face it: for some time now, the IT department has not practiced what it’s preached for the rest of the business: Invest in gathering, synthesizing, analyzing, and operationalizing data to improve the business. For the same reason that it’s been difficult for the business to follow its advice, it’s also been hard for IT. […]

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Podcast on Data Fabric with MapR CEO John Schroeder

John Schroeder is the founder and CEO of MapR. He has extensive experience in enterprise software, having worked at Calista Technologies, Rainfinity, BRYO, and Compuware. Our conversation focused on MapR’s unique data fabric technology, which is an evolution of the data warehouse and data lake. The data fabric expands upon these earlier repositories to push […]

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