Oracle escape hatch

When It Comes to Negotiating With Oracle, Go First

The world of Oracle is often like the seemingly bucolic suburban town depicted in Stranger Things: often, things are not what they seem and what’s right might be unusual in another context. Recently, I had another conversation with Craig Guarente, CEO and Founder of Palisade Compliance, who I’ve interviewed frequently in the past for our […]


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Escape Hatch Key Question: Is Oracle Increasingly Unpopular with IT Buyers?

 The Escape Hatch from Oracle Research Mission takes a close look at the state of Oracle in the market. As stated in our Research Mission Declaration, one impetus for this mission is to inspire Oracle to pull back from some of its aggressive tactics, especially regarding audits. Our position is that Oracle has damaged its […]

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How Did Software Maintenance Become Such A Bad Deal? Oracle and the Fall of the Traditional Model

As part of the Escape Hatch from Oracle Research Mission, we must examine basic assumptions, the central dogmas that define the market and govern most behavior.  Here are some basic questions about software maintenance that are crucial to understanding the rationale for sending vendors so much money every year. What was the promise of software […]

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