RSA 2020

Tech for Cybersecurity Is Different: A Podcast with Reblaze’s Eyal Hayardeny

On this new episode of the Designing Enterprise Platforms Podcast from Early Adopter Research (EAR), EAR’s Dan Woods spoke with Eyal Hayardeny from Reblaze. Their conversation occurred at RSA 2020 and focused on cybersecurity platforms. They discussed Woods’ four questions for the conference, which include: Have platforms and cybersecurity been slower to develop than in […]


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RSA 2020 and the Future of Cybersecurity Platforms: A Podcast with eSentire’s Chris Braden

On this episode of Early Adopter Research’s (EAR) Designing Enterprise Platforms podcast, Dan Woods spoke with Chris Braden from eSentire. Braden is the head of channels and alliances at the company. He spoke about Woods’ research questions at RSA 2020, which included: What’s blocking comprehensive platforms for cybersecurity?  Have platforms in cybersecurity been slower to […]

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