How Can SD WAN Help Cybersecurity: A Podcast with Fortinet’s John Maddison

In this edition of the Designing Enterprise Platforms Podcast for Early Adopter Research (EAR), EAR’s Dan Woods spoke with John Maddison, the EVP of products for Fortinet, a leading cybersecurity company. Designing Enterprise Platforms focuses on how to use products and other technology to create a platform to solve a problem. In this case, the research mission this podcast is related to is creating a balanced cybersecurity portfolio. In this podcast, Woods and Maddison talk about three topics, starting with SD WAN technology, which is helping companies solve problems that are related to zero trust and perimeterless issues. They also cover security-driven networking, and end with the arrival of the edge and how companies are going to secure both what they have in data centers and in the cloud, but also what is increasingly becoming an important part of almost every company’s infrastructure, which are edge devices and IoT devices.

Listen below or read an edited Q&A of the conversation here.

* 3:00 – What is SD WAN Technology?
* 13:00 – How do you understand risk level in cybersecurity?
* 22:45 – How can you provide the right security for a perimeterless environment?