The Need for Site Reliability Engineering: A Podcast with Blameless Founders Ashar Rizqi and Lyon Wong

In this episode of the Designing Enterprise Platforms podcast from Early Adopter Research (EAR), EAR’s Dan Woods covers the topic of site reliability engineering. Site reliability engineering is a practice that rose up in the internet giants to help them create highly reliable, high performant, but also fast moving systems. It is essentially an extension of the dev ops movement. To delve into the topic, we spoke with Ashar Rizqi and Lyon Wong, the founders of a company called Blameless. Blameless takes site reliability engineering practices and productizes them. Their conversation covers:

* 2:00 – The story of the creation of Blameless
* 13:00 – The history of site reliability engineering
* 22:30 – What a blameless culture looks like
* 36:45 – Escaping a culture of blame

Listen below or read an edited version of the conversation here: